Divorce Grounds

Get Help If You Are Experiencing Any One Of These Grounds:

Depression Treatment
Inhuman Treatment

Within last (5) five years, do you feel you are or were being physically or mentally in danger to the point, that it may have been unsafe and improper for you to continue living with your partner in a relationship together? ...

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Anxiety Treatment

Has your spouse abandoned you for at least (1) one year or has refused to have sexual intercourse? If so, under the NYS Family Law you may be able to apply for divorce under abandonment or constructive abandonment...

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Couples Therapy

Is your spouse in prison or has been in prision while you were married? If so you can walk out of the marriage under Imprisonment ground where your spouse was or is in prision within 6 years of duration. ...

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Individual Treatment

It is not only one of the ten commandments, but also a New York State Criminal Law to engage in Adultery! With solid evidence you can walk out of your marriage with respect and your head held high with Divorce Prep School...

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Post-divorce Recovery
Legal Seperation Judgement

Did you and your spouse sign and file a written separation agreement containing specific requirements to be considered valid and have lived apart for at least one year of the seperation judgement? ...

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Therapy for Children
Seperation Judgement

When the couple decides to apeal to supreme court to draw up a Judgement of Seperation where the couple must live apart for at least (1) one year to use this ground for divorce. ...

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