Welcome to Divorce Prep

Divorce Prep School is now under the new management of Ahsan A. Ashraf with the aim to empower and educate women in troubled marriage seeking divorce information or solutions.

Throughout history women of color experiences oppression, torture, sexual violence, slavery, adultery, abandonment and seperation in marriage. While providing Divorce Information, our support center will also provide women social and emotional motivational suport for a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Divorce Prep School Resource Center?

Online Web School for Divorce Seeking Women will provide emotional and motivational support rich in divorce information to ease the process.

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What are the signs of being abused by partner?

Bruises, Intimidation, Demanding, Shouting, Forced Sex, are some of the common signs of an abused partner. Read more to how you can help.

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Is the support center licensed counselor or lawyers?

Divorce Prep School does not retain lawyers or licensed mental health practioners. We utilize the resources of volunteered professionals.

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